Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tips for Eating Out (especially on the weekends!)

Tips for Eating Out

Its Friday and I'm sure your weekend is packed full of fun and exciting things. PLAN TO SUCCEED.

To keep from having to stress every time you go out in public to a restaurant or an event here are some tips fromTosca Reno's Stripped book to keep your blood pressure in check!
Planning is best, when you are out you always need a game plan. You should avoid eating out as much as possible because once you enter a restaurant you surrender control over what is in your food.

1. Develop an "I don't have to eat it all!" Mindset. Make up your mind before you go that you don't have to get the most bang for your buck by cleaning your plate. KEEP YOUR GOAL IN MIND.
2. Satisfy hunger only-Don't Gorge. Eat for the purpose of satisfying your hunger, but no more.
3. Start small and green. Start your meal with a salad, without dressing. Use a spritz of lemon or some balsamic vinegar.
4. Broth is best. When there is no salad option have a broth based soup.
5. NO BREAD PLEASE! Remember this is not helping you achieve your weight loss goal.

6. Clean Cooking techniques rock! Look for entree options featuring steamed or raw veggies and grilled, baked or roasted meats or fish. If they aren't listed, ask the server to prepare it that way. Oh and don't always trust the low fat or fat free symbols.
7. Portion control is in. Have a good look at your plate when it arrives. Ask for a doggie bag and split your meal in half.

8. Fletcherize. The practice of chewing each mouthful a min of 25 times. It gives your body a chance to recognize when you are becoming full. (This is very hard to do when you are with kids, because you never know when they have had enough and you will have to leave your meal behind to take the kids out).
9. Zero Tolerance. You want to avoid alcohol because sugar can derail you in the most powerful way. Have sparkling water with lemon or lime slices.

10. Stop before the end. Think of your plan to shed those pounds, if you can't resist something sweet ask for a dish of fresh fruit and leave it at that!

If you doubt your ability to resist restaurant offerings then pre-eat! Then when you go to a restaurant or social event you don't have to worry about what's on the menu and you can focus on socializing.

If you can't resist the dessert table then pack a few clean cookies in a Ziploc bag and pull them out with your coffee while everyone else is eating their sugar laden cookies and cake. If you have to go through a drive through, familiarize yourself with the menu. Never super size and make smart food choices by ordering grilled chicken and a side salad. Cut up the chicken and place on salad and go with olive and vinegar dressing or, low fat balsamic.

One of the most difficult things to manage while following a healthy lifestyle is your social life. So surround yourself with family and friends that support what you are doing and are not sabotaging your efforts. Instead of going out drinking or to a restaurant here are some alternatives.

**Meet a friend at the gym

**Have a game night at home with healthy clean snacks

**Batters up- organize a kickball or softball game in your neighborhood or with the kids.

**Volunteer together at a local charity

**Meet at the park for a walk or bike ride

**Take a zumba class with friends

Eating clean and creating a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to mean that you are becoming a boring person. There is so much more to experience than food and drinks! Live outside the box and you will have people wondering what you are doing because your energy and personality are on fire!!!
Have a great weekend~

12 Ways To Better Eating

12 Ways to Better Eating

People are always trying to lose weight and eat better. Eating better is not easy. The majority of people get frustrated and give up. Sticking to it is easier said than done. Here are some ways to make your eating habits stick!
1. Set Goals: It starts by having clear and realistic goals. Write a list of things you want to change about your diet. Also incorporate goals that you may have regarding your body and plan your diet around those goals. I recommend setting present goals, short term, and long term goals. If you try and do everything all at once you can be overwhelmed and want to quit. Take it one goal at a time if need be, and one day at a time, this isn’t a race. You may also want to write reasons why you want to make a change in your eating habits. You might share your goals with others who will help you meet them. You can put your goals where others can see them “on the fridge, at work” to motivate you to work harder. This will also get others behind you and involved in your new routine. As you achieve your goals, check them off. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and add excitement leading to your next goal.

2. Have Realistic expectations- Any diet plan needs to work with you and not against you. You need to be realistic when setting up the parameters of your new diet. Your plan needs to work for you and your situation. It needs to fit your schedule and your budget. If you don’t follow your budget, your cooking costs will get too high and you will have to withdraw from the diet you set up. If you don’t cook for your schedule and your eating times you will find yourself without food and scrambling to find a healthy choice. So be realistic with time, and give yourself extra time to prepare food, or have food pre-packed. Also know that obstacles can and will come into your path from time to time to derail you and your progress, so don’t think that everything will be easy and will just happen. This takes work.
3. Be Proactive - Make a list of healthy foods you enjoy, and what foods you can take with you to work, in the car, school, etc. You can create entire menus revolving around where you will be at what time of the day. Never give yourself an excuse to not have something available for you to eat, no matter where you are when you are supposed to have a meal. Always keep healthy foods on hand. If you don’t you will probably eat whatever is available at the time whether it be fast food, office treats, etc. This can throw off a diet plan and get you in the habit of making bad food choices and eat whatever is fast and convenient. Know where you will be at what time of the day, when you are open to cook, to eat, to shop for groceries, and plan accordingly. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

5. Be flexible - Of course, even the best plans fall short at times. Life can sometimes get the best of all of us. Sometimes your eating routines need to change. Where you can, try to plan ahead for these events and have items on hand you can take with you when you’re in a rush or are eating out. Example: Bag of almonds, protein bars and shakes, fresh fruit. Also educate yourself on nutrition through the internet, books, and magazines. You can use this knowledge to help you improvise and find foods that are compatible with your diet, for example if you are out with friends or stuck with no time to cook. Find items that are less time consuming that you can take with you in a pinch.
6. Don’t be so hard on yourself - Nobody is perfect all the time. If you mess up, miss a few meals, or even have a bad couple of days, just pick yourself up and get back on track. You’re doing this for you, and the added stress of not living up to your own expectations can lead to a total diet derailment. Being healthy and eating healthy does not mean you can’t enjoy foods not on your meal plan. So don’t be so hard on yourself. YOU CAN DO IT!

7. Stick with your plan - It takes time to develop healthy behaviors. After about a month of eating better consistently, you will have developed a habit. You will find that everything you initially may have had a hard time doing becomes more effortless and be a normal part of your day to day life.
8. Have fun - Eating right takes dedication, commitment and sacrifice. Don’t stress yourself out over small bumps in the road. You have the power to change any negative into a positive, and you have the choice to have a positive outlook regarding any situation you find yourself in. Find fun ways to keep yourself motivated. Get friends and family involved. Set challenges at home, with friends, or at work to start eating healthier. Take the time to cook and try new and interesting recipes. You are making change for the better, so why not make it enjoyable.

9. Give yourself praise - You are not a dog so don’t reward yourself with treats. Realize that changing your eating habits can be a daunting task for anyone. Just think how long you have had your current habits and know that changing those habits will not happen overnight, but with time. Congratulate yourself on any healthy changes you make, you deserve the praise. Praise builds confidence and makes you feel good about the healthy choices you are making, and in turn help keep you on your path to betterment.

10. Don’t rush into this - People always start with the best of intentions and will try and do everything at once. They get overwhelmed and quit before they really even started. Small changes add up and can make a huge difference. Work on one thing at a time and keep adding to it. Before you know it you will have many healthy habits that incorporate together to make a healthy lifestyle and a healthier and happier you.
11. Focus on the journey and not the destination - To live a healthy lifestyle is never easy. In order to enjoy this lifestyle with all the ups and downs, we must enjoy the process and the journey on the way to our destination. Once we hit our destination we immediately look to the next mountain top and we either want more, or worst case scenario we think that we have accomplished all we need to and we relax on all of the things that got us there in the first place. Take pride in small victories along the way, they add up.

12. Measure Success and Set New Goals: Making successful changes means measuring your progress towards your goals and recognizing your accomplishments. As you meet short-term goals, you can plan the next steps with more confidence. Constantly re-strategizing your goals takes long-term visualization. That long-term vision needs to be broken down into doable steps.

Would you like to receive more support from me on a daily basis?! Ask me about my next challenge group! Together we can set goals and achieve them!!

Information taken from my coach's website...check it out!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Key West Chicken-Avocado Sandwiches

I am loving this yummy chicken sandwich that I found!! I seriously love chicken and avocado, I mean, who doesn't?! Check it out!! Seriously delicious!

Key West Chicken-Avocado Sandwiches

Ditch your old sandwich standby and pack a lunch with real flavor. Whole grains, healthy proteins, and tummy-trimming ingredients make this a healthy and filling meal.
Time: 15
Servings: 4
1 c mashed Florida avocado (MUFA), about 1 med
1 Tbsp freshly squeezed limejuice (about 1/2 lime)
1/2 tsp green pepper sauce (we used Tabasco), optional
1 c baby spinach
10 oz grilled or roasted chicken breast, sliced (about 2 c)
1 mango, peeled, pitted, and sliced (about 1 c)
4 sm whole grain rolls (2 oz each), split
1. Combine avocado, lime juice, and green pepper sauce, if using, in small bowl. Spread top and bottom halves of rolls with 2 tablespoons each of the avocado-lime mixture.
2. Layer 1/4 cup of the spinach, one-quarter of the chicken, and 1/4 cup of the mango on bottom halves. Top with other halves of rolls.
Nutritional info per serving: 367 cal, 29 g pro, 41 g carb, 8 g fiber, 11 g fat, 2.5 g sat fat, 60 mg chol, 355 mg sodium
Flat Belly Diet Bonus: When buying rolls, check the calorie count (aim for 150 to 180) on the nutrition label. It's easy to overdo it on bread—even the whole wheat kind!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cookie Mint Shakeology

Chocolate Shakeology tastes delicious all by itself. Sometimes I forget how healthy it really is for me! It is a multi-vitamin, pre/probiotic and 6 salads all in one! And the best part---once scoop is only 140 calories!
Sometimes I like to whip up some yummy flavors because I have a serious sweet tooth! I have been seeing posts for the sale of Girl Scout Cookies, which are delicious, but not very nutritious. Here is a way to enjoy the flavor without any of the guilt!
Interested in seeing what Shakeology can do for you? It is 30 days risk free! Check out my website or email me at to talk more!

Monday, December 1, 2014

It is time to.....MAX OUT!!!

I am super excited and also super terrified of this workout! Here are some of the highlights:

~It is available ONLY through a Beachbody coach starting December 2nd!

~This workout is so different than anything else. You don't get through the workout, you go until you need a break...that is when you have MAXED OUT! Then you take a break and get back into it.

~There are 150 new moves and no equipment. You are using your body to create the body you have always wanted.


~And the best part.....there is a modifier the WHOLE time!

~It comes with a nutrition guide to go along with the program. Also, if you get the deluxe package it also comes with portion control containers! (Hello...success like the 21 day fix!)

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Monday, November 24, 2014



I am excited to announce this winter, Team Beachbody® is offering deep discounts on a variety of select Beachbody products! Offer is valid for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!! Check out the graphic from my upline coach below.
Starting Tuesday November 25th 5PM PST until Tuesday December 2nd at 5PM PST.

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During the weekend of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Team Beachbody® is offering deep discounts on a variety of select Beachbody products! The offer is valid for a LIMITED TIME ONLY starting Tuesday November 25th 5PM PST until Tuesday December 2nd at 5PM PST. Offer quantities are limited and we’re expecting that some items will sell out quickly. 

Here are the DIRECT LINKS to every item listed above :) :) 

Last but not least!! If you are interested in getting Shakeology and a fitness program together take advantage of the Challenge Pack offer! You will receive a $20 Gift Certificate with any challenge pack offer through me as your coach from now until the last day of November!!

NOTE: I will help you choose the best program to meet your needs. 

Wow I know that is A TON of information and you're probably thinking "What the heck do I do now"!!
So now if you have questions the best way to get them answered is to email me~   and I will respond ASAP!

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

My 3 Day Refresh Experience

To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical. I am SO NOT into cleanses. People that juice and do cleanses, more power to you! This girl likes to chew on food!! Anyway, I did this refresh because it was just that, a refresh. It was a way to kick start my health. If you want more information on the program specifically, here it is:  

I prepared all of my food for the 3 days ahead of time. That way I could just grab it and eat it and not be tempted to eat anything else. I stuck with it for the entire 3 days and did not feel hungry at all. I really learned that sometimes I just "felt" like eating and I wasn't really hungry.

The main 2 components (besides the shakeology, of course) were the Vanilla Fresh shakes and the fiber sweep. The vanilla fresh shakes were actually pretty good with some ice and cinnamon mixed in. I put some lemon juice in my fiber sweep and drank quickly and that was fine too.

I couldn't believe when I stepped on the scale and saw my results. Those elusive teen numbers were finally here! I did this a few months ago and didn't want to post about it until I knew that the weight was not going to come rushing right back on. Surprisingly, it didn't! Even through some stress-induced eating "fixes" I have still maintained this weight for 6 weeks.

      Starting Weight: 123.2                       Ending Weight: 119.4

If you are trying to lose a few pounds and get your eating on track, this is totally the way to do it! I am going to be starting a 30 day support group that will be kicked off by the 3 Day Refresh. Message me on Facebook or send me an email at to be added to the group.