Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So you ordered Shakeology...now what???

Some tips for starting off with Shakeology

I know for me, I royally screwed up the first few of them!

Watch this video and really embrace the importance of making sure you drink it every day! It’s crazy the amount of nutrition you get and the impact it is going to have on your health too!

My tips: Don't use just 8 oz of liquid unless you like it thicker.
I use at least 12 to 14 oz.
Almond milk and make sure its unsweetened.
Cut it with water
1/2 banana for smoothness
Almond butter or all natural pb give it a smooth creamy texture and blend!!!
If you have tummy troubles due to the change in diet increase in fiber make sure you are drinking plenty of water and possibly do 3/4 scoop until your body gets adjusted! It's normal to experience changes; it will stop after 2 weeks!

Shakeology Video

Why Shakeology?

Why Shakeology???

I get this question A LOT.  


When you talk to me about your journey, you will hear me talk a lot about SHAKEOLOGY!! WHY?!?! Because it is BY FAR, "the healthiest meal of the day!" No, not because I am a coach and sell it, because I have been hooked way before I even became a beach body coach! It is because out of any other product of meal replacement shakes or post meal shakes I have used in the past, NO other shake has
the nutrients of shakeology, nor do they actually lower your blood pressure, 
cholesterol, help improve the way your digestive system functions, or give you the energy that SHAKEOLOGY does! Yes, you heard me right!! People have literally gotten their medications reduced, and even been taken off of their medications because these shakes are that effective!! That is some amazing results.


Now I want to talk about the excuse many people use when they are debating on purchasing it... it cost too much money... well to be honest, I used to use that as an excuse! I had paid money for beachbody programs already, I had lots of other expenses with three kids and the list goes on. So I decided to try it and I figured, you know what, SHAKEOLOGY has a bottom of the bad guarantee. If I do not like it in 30 days, I'm getting my money back.. After my 30 days, I was completely IN LOVE!!! Sorry if you guys are using the whey protein by GNC, Jillian Michaels, any weight watchers protein, slim fast, etc., they do NOT compare!!
If you want to compare cost wise, yes it does cost slightly more, BUT think about the ingredients and nutrition you get out of it before you turn your head. SHAKEOLOGY includes 1 shot of wheat grass.. did you know if you go buy a shot of wheat grass, you're already at $4?? Did I also mention, you get your daily serving of fruits AND veggies all in one serving?! Getting your veggies in is so hard for some people (I'm one of these people) because to be honest, they do not taste as good as junk food. But you need to think about how healthy it is and what they do for your body!
You no longer need to spend the extra money on multivitamins... do you know why??!! You get it all in ONE SHAKE!! You drink these shakes, improve your health,
guess what?!? You can also stop spending any extra money on medications!! Hmm I'm pretty sure with what I have just said alone, your cost of SHAKEOLOGY is now not that costly.


Now lets talk about this meal to other meals you may purchase... Please, if you eat at fast food restaraunts, lose the excuse of the cost, because you lost!!! Go to the drive through at any other restaraunt and buy a meal.... you will pay MORE than you would a shake, plus you do not get the nutrition, although you will get more calories!!! So you make the choice...How important is your nutrition and health?!?

 Want to order some and see what they hype is about? Head over to www.shakeology.com/allieluden. What do you have to lose??

Shakeology-The Healthiest Meal of the Day

Shakeology- Healthiest Meal of The Day

Shakeology is a meal replacement shake not just a protein shake.It actually is the equivalent of 6 salads in one meal.It has the proper carb to protein ratio that your food should have to keep you full for at least 2 1/2 to 3 hours.It also helps to curb my sweet tooth, is quick and convenient, helps give me a natural burst of energy, and a bonus I lose weight.I like the fact that it's one meal that I do not have to think about!Chocolate is by far my favorite.You can replace any meal with a shake.It's all natural and nothing processed.You can literally go to the grocery story and buy every ingredient in the shakeology!! :)

My Favorite Shakeology Recipe!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grocery Store Tips

Here are some tips for the grocery store.

1. Shop the perimeter. You should stick to the outer walls of the store and mostly avoid the middle aisles. If you think about how grocery stores are set up, this makes perfect sense. All the fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are kept on the outer walls. So make a plan to shop the perimeter first and then work your way through the center aisles. Your cart should be almost full, so you shouldn't need much.

2. When shopping the middle aisles, choose carefully. There are so many food choices in these aisles and some aisles you don't even need to go down, so skip that aisle!

3. In the frozen foods section, stay AWAY from anything that says one step, heat and serve or ready to go meal in a box!

4.Read the nutrition labels and ingredients list. If you can't pronounce some of the ingredients or if they look like they belong in a science lab, put it back on the shelf!

5. When buying canned foods, look for low sodium versions, such as salmon or tuna packed in water, and no extra sugar.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Promos!!!

There are 4, yep 4, August promos!! These are huge! T25, 10 minute trainer, Brazil Butt Lift and Body Beast all have special pricing just for the month of August. Want more details? Email me at allie.luden@gmail.com or on Facebook. Want to order or get a closer look at the programs? Check out www.teambeachbody.com/allieluden