Monday, December 1, 2014

It is time to.....MAX OUT!!!

I am super excited and also super terrified of this workout! Here are some of the highlights:

~It is available ONLY through a Beachbody coach starting December 2nd!

~This workout is so different than anything else. You don't get through the workout, you go until you need a break...that is when you have MAXED OUT! Then you take a break and get back into it.

~There are 150 new moves and no equipment. You are using your body to create the body you have always wanted.


~And the best part.....there is a modifier the WHOLE time!

~It comes with a nutrition guide to go along with the program. Also, if you get the deluxe package it also comes with portion control containers! (Hello...success like the 21 day fix!)

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