Sunday, October 12, 2014

My 3 Day Refresh Experience

To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical. I am SO NOT into cleanses. People that juice and do cleanses, more power to you! This girl likes to chew on food!! Anyway, I did this refresh because it was just that, a refresh. It was a way to kick start my health. If you want more information on the program specifically, here it is:  

I prepared all of my food for the 3 days ahead of time. That way I could just grab it and eat it and not be tempted to eat anything else. I stuck with it for the entire 3 days and did not feel hungry at all. I really learned that sometimes I just "felt" like eating and I wasn't really hungry.

The main 2 components (besides the shakeology, of course) were the Vanilla Fresh shakes and the fiber sweep. The vanilla fresh shakes were actually pretty good with some ice and cinnamon mixed in. I put some lemon juice in my fiber sweep and drank quickly and that was fine too.

I couldn't believe when I stepped on the scale and saw my results. Those elusive teen numbers were finally here! I did this a few months ago and didn't want to post about it until I knew that the weight was not going to come rushing right back on. Surprisingly, it didn't! Even through some stress-induced eating "fixes" I have still maintained this weight for 6 weeks.

      Starting Weight: 123.2                       Ending Weight: 119.4

If you are trying to lose a few pounds and get your eating on track, this is totally the way to do it! I am going to be starting a 30 day support group that will be kicked off by the 3 Day Refresh. Message me on Facebook or send me an email at to be added to the group.

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